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Solaris® Product Literature

See below for available Solaris® product literature (English and Spanish). They can be used for the purpose of promoting Solaris® by Ultravation® only. No other purpose is authorized. Product literature may not be modified without permission. If you have other marketing requirements, you may contact us here. Thank you for selling and promoting Solaris® IAQ products!

To download a zip file of all available advertising materials (literature, high resolution photos, and illustrations), click here.

Solaris® IAQ Component Series system

Solaris® IAQ Component Series system brochure

Solaris® Air Ionizer brochure

Solaris® Air Filtration brochure


Solaris® UV Light brochure

Solaris Air Purifier (for component systems) brochure
for use with the Solaris® PowerModule

Solaris® IAQ Power Module brochure

Solaris® PCO Air Purifiers (independent installations)

Solaris PCO Air Purifier (independent installation) large brochure

Solaris PCO Air Purifier (independent installation) small brochure

Solaris Carbon Capture PCO Air Purifier with UVLEDs (independent installation) large brochure


Solaris® PCO Air Purifier (instalación independiente) en español


Solaris PCO Air Purifier Instalación independiente independiente en todo el folleto

Solaris PCO Air Purifier instalación independiente pequeño folleto