Optimizing your indoor air for healthier living

 Solaris® indoor air quality products bring outdoor-like freshness to your entire home while making the air healthier by removing allergens, germs, and airborne toxins in the HVAC airstream.

Bring cleaner air to your life™

Whole house solutions for the entire range of indoor air contamination

Indoor air pollution is comprised of many types of contaminates: from visible dust and pollen; to microbes, odors, and VOCs*

No single technology can reduce air contamination in the many forms and sizes in which it exists.

Solaris IAQ components are a unique set of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement products, each focused on a specific type of indoor air pollution. While they can operate independently, they are also designed to work as a group creating an efficient, integrated whole house indoor air quality improvement system that not only makes the air genuinely fresher and healthier top to bottom, they can at the same time reduce the cost of cooling and heating the air in your home.

*VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds. They range from toxic fumes (like exhaust and pool odors) to everyday odors from cooking and cleaning — as well as pet, bathroom, laundry, and other musty, unpleasant smells.


Air contamination widely varies from chemical to biological to particulate; ranging in size from molecular to the visible.  

Each Solaris IAQ product focuses on a targeted segment of indoor air pollution


In a Solaris® IAQ system the components are strategically placed inside an HVAC system, powered and monitored by the energy saving Solaris PowerModule.


IAQ PowerModule

For convenience and efficiency, a Solaris IAQ system is powered and monitored by a single power module. This single connection to available power provides proper energy to each component. It also tells you the status of any UV lamps in the system.

Air Ionizer

As the air enters the HVAC system ions are added that react with nano-particulates. The ions cause these normally un-filterable particles to attract and group together. Placing ionization just "upstream" of the filter enables it to capture particles much smaller than was previously possible.

Whole House Filtration

Filtration is fundamental to cleaning the air. Ultravation Solaris filter fibers are hypoallergenic, high capacity, and high efficiency throughout their lifespan for practical, effective air cleaning with minimized filter changes and air flow resistance.

UV Lights

UV-C light is a proven disinfectant that prevents microbial growth on HVAC surfaces especially on the usually wet cooling coil. UV lights placed above or below the coil keep it clean, and like new, optimizing operating costs.

PCO Air Purification

The final stage: positioned “downstream” of the cooling coil (or in the supply air), Solaris photocatalytic (PCO) air treatment not only breaks down odors, toxic gases and VOCs, but also kills airborne pathogens resulting in healthier, fresher and clean smelling indoor environment.

Odor, VOC and airborne microbe reduction plus air freshening ions

SOLARIS PCO Air Purifier for HVAC

For Solaris Component IAQ System

Solaris air purifiers remove air contamination beyond the reach of filtration — improving the air at the molecular level.

Solaris photocatalytic (PCO) air purifier uniquely combines the technologies of UV light, photocatalytic oxidation, and ionization to break down the molecules of contamination.

  • Destroys household odors, VOCs and toxic fumes. These include odors from pools areas, laundry, bathrooms, kitchens—even trash bins and the family pet–as well as from products like cleaning agents, new paint, carpets, and other renovation materials.
  • Germicidal UV, PCO, and ionization together disinfect the HVAC air stream killing airborne microbes, reducing the chance of colds, flu, and worse.
  • Unprecedented 200 sq inches of PCO purification power adjusts independently for homes and buildings up to up to 5000 sq ft.
  • Solaris' dual spectrum UV lamp exposes microbes to a lethal dose of UV-C light. The lamp's intensity kills up to 99% of germs instantly while breaking down chemical fumes and allergens.
  • Commercial-grade construction makes the lifetime warranty possible on the Solaris purifier. The UV lamp has a 2-year life and is warranted for the full 2-year lifespan.

For use in a Solaris® whole house air optimization system.

  • Integrates with comprehensive IAQ system
  • Powered by and monitored in central PowerModule
  • Full adjustability



SOLARIS® Micro-Particulate and Air Ionizer

Facilitates the filter capture of ultra-fine particulates and disinfects surfaces

The Solaris Ionizer makes it possible to remove the microscopic particles known as nano-particulates that would otherwise pass through filtration. They are so small and light they remain suspended in air, are able to pass through normal breathing defenses, and can enter into the lungs. As these nano-sized particles are drawn into the HVAC system, the positive and negative ions from the ionizer statically charge them causing large groups of them to gather. The grouped particles are then captured by filtration.

What are the sources of these fine particulates?

  • Smoke, smog, ultra-fine atmospheric dust, coal soot
  • Fine rubber particles from tire wear
  • Agricultural activity, including fertilization
  • Industrial / construction / demolition activity
  • Engineered nano-particles found in everyday items such as cosmetics, building materials—even some fabrics shed them

Additional benefits to installing the Solaris Micro-Particulate Air Ionizer

  • It contributes to the reduction of microbes, allergens, and some odors.
  • When placed near a filter (recommended), the ions will disinfect the filter preventing microbial colonization.
  • Lifetime system warranty.
Solaris Micro-particulate & Air Ionizer

The Solaris Ionizer emits positive and negative ions that cause nano-particulates to gather into groups which filters can then capture. The same is true for other microscopic matter including viruses and bacteria. The static charges are also germicidal.


SOLARIS® Media Air Cleaner Cabinets and High Performance Filtration

Captures 99% of pollen!

Solaris brings outstanding performance to proven filter design.

  • Nearly 30 square feet of pleated media in each 5-inch filter.
  • Shaped-fiber media arranged in layers with progressively increasing density means huge capacity with up to a full year of useful life.
  • Solaris layered media means low air flow resistance! Great for minimizing energy use while it provides very high particulate capture efficiency.
  • Continuous, hypo-allergenic Ultrastrand fibers — best for those with allergies.
  • Precision-manufactured in Vermont using heavy gauge U.S. sourced galvanized steel formed into rugged long-life cabinets. Finished with strong powder coat paint for added durability.
  • Designed to seal tight when used with Solaris/Ultravation filters to prevent leakage around the filter.
  • 10-year cabinet warranty.

Solaris filtration is highly effective yet very practical

  • High efficiency is maintained over the life of the filter.
  • They last up to a full year.
  • Very low maintenance unlike other designs such as electronic filters that need frequent cleaning.
  • They are “easy” on the HVAC blower due to their layered design  – helping keep your electric bill minimized (see ratings below).

High efficiency filtration means cleaner air with minimized air flow resistance

  • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is the industry standardized performance rating system for particulate capture and pressure drop, or air flow resistance.
  • Solaris' MERV 11 rated filters achieve this particulate capture performance with the same low air resistance of a standard MERV 8 filter.
  • Solaris' MERV 13 rated filters achieve this higher particulate capture performance with the same air resistance of a typical MERV 11 filter.
Particle Size6-w

Layered air filter design collects particles—large to small—through the entire thickness of the filter, instead of simply piling debris up on the leading edge.

Filtration Efficiency graph6
  1. Solaris 5" pleated filters start with high efficiency and maintain it evenly over the life of the filter, reducing maintenance.
  2. Electronic filters start with good efficiency but gradually lose it as the collectors become loaded. These filters require frequent cleaning.
  3. Standard 1" “Furnace filters” start with low efficiency and quickly fill which actually makes them very efficient but also causes a sharp rise in air flow resistance. The purchase of one Solaris filter eliminates the purchase of up to twelve 1" furnace filters, as well as the inconvenience of multiple filter changes.



For disinfection to reduce bio-growth and increase HVAC efficiency

Germicidal UV light is a great way to disinfect HVAC cooling coils, drain pans, blower, and other wet surfaces, keeping them free of bio-growth.

  • Prevents the HVAC system from becoming a source of allergens.
  • Clean coils maximize HVAC efficiency and save energy.
  • T3™ lamp design provides 40% more UV intensity without increased power consumption.
  • Lasts up to 18,000 hours, twice as long as typical UV lamps!
Benefits of UV lights in your HVAC system

Solaris germicidal UV lamps installed at the HVAC cooling coil to disinfect the coil and surrounding surfaces including the blower and the condensate drain pan. One, two, or more are installed depending on the HVAC system.


SOLARIS® IAQ PowerModule

The ultimate in IAQ system flexiblity and convenience!

A complete Indoor Air Quality System…  One central control center! 

Convenience, efficient operation, smart monitoring. 

The best way to effectively keep the air in your home cleaner, fresher, and healthier from top-to-bottom is to use devices that specialize in the various types of contamination found in household air. Using the HVAC system to collect air to be purified and to distribute the purified air makes great sense! So we design and manufacture IAQ products that excel in each category and place them strategically in the HVAC airstream. And, to add convenience and efficiency, Solaris IAQ products integrate into a centrally powered and monitored IAQ system that operates completely unobtrusively and prevents the HVAC system itself from becoming a generator of contamination.

The Solaris IAQ component PowerModule is the central power and status monitor for a Solaris integrated IAQ system. It is flexible for customized effectiveness and provides a central control panel for system-wide UV lamp status. 

  • Versatile for connecting the right combination of IAQ components
  • Readily installs in a convenient location for viewing status and access to a standard 110VAC outlet. 
  • Includes visual and audible alarms that indicate UV lamp operational status and to remind when replacements are required. 

The Solaris® IAQ PowerModule powers and monitors these IAQ components.


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